wisp and ash

I’m still reading Angela’s Ashes, by Frank McCourt. It was due at the library a few days ago so I renewed it for another three weeks. It’s just pretty sad that a few years ago I would have devoured a 426-page book in less than three weeks, but such is the influence of technology. There are just so many alternatives to enjoying a good book, because with the computer the end process is so readily available, that process-oriented hobbies are neglected. Maybe I’m just harder hit than most where technology is concerned, but, really, there’s nothing good I can say about technology.

I wonder where my love for reading went. If it’s something I have to force to get back then I’m willing to try.

Page 356.


5 thoughts on “wisp and ash

  1. Angela’s Ashes! Lend it to me when you’re done? I wanted to buy it but I knew someone else would have it so I resolved to wait. And now, like an angel from the blue, you have crossed my path yet again. HURRY MOOTY READ IT

  2. stacy: OMG STACY YOU SHAMELESS SNAIL MAIL GIRL. Okay well that was nice and unexpected, but still.

    pay: HAHA alter-mooty. Well he’s the one without the cute Pon and Zi avatar that I haven’t changed in ages. And his link is different from mine. And I don’t know. I want to immortalise that page somehow, but maybe it should be off the main bar.

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