puts crimson to shame

I would love to have a unique voice. I’ve been looping Maroon 5 of late even though their lyrics aren’t above average and the subject-matter nothing extraordinary, because Adam Levine’s voice is just so awesome, and the melodies oh-so-catchy!

Would give anything to hit high notes.

Everyone around me is studying. Stop taking O levels! Smell the roses! Run along and have your tea! Oh, stop making me feel every inch of the unmotivated stationary sloth that I am. D:


11 thoughts on “puts crimson to shame

  1. If you fail ‘A’s, go to jail bad boy. If you took ‘O’s and then failed ‘A’s, you can still go Polytechnic.


    I shall pass you a CD tomorrow in School.

  2. annoying in a good way. wow mooty, u got an imposter.

    wad maroon 5 are good? i only hav thks for e memmories.

    are u sure its “everyone” around you? *cryptic wink *

  3. Anonymous: You’re not mooty. You’re Anonymous.

    Nigel: I’ve listened to them before. I think. Switchfoot sounds familiar.

    stacy: That’s on falsetto! Anybody can hit high notes on falsetto and it doesn’t sound as good.

    richyu: …isn’t that a Fallout Boy song? And anyway I’m given to hyperbole, so “everyone” refers to a few random acquaintances. ONLY I CAN GIVE CRYPTIC WINKS. YOU DON’T GIVE CRYPTIC WINKS. NUH-UH.

  4. …you mean there’s a difference between having a falsetto and having a high pitched voice? so much i have to learn. anyway falsettos are sweet, vaguely chipmunkish, oh man mooty love yourself! no one does spooky-recounting-what-happened-in-pillowman like you do.

  5. high pitched is your normal ‘key’ or register, falsetto is going above that, your ‘head voice’ and generally, you shuln’t be able to maintain falsetto for very long. thats wad i know.

    so moot. we’ll see wad happens, meanwhile, u can pop over to my blog….

  6. just u wait, i’m trying for 2-3 days once, or depending on event-wise. but yes, blog maintainence is a horrid issue, tests e staminaaa

    do i really wan to pour my heart out so many times? so its true eh?

  7. Okay… I’m still responding to comments. I suppose that’s okay.

    And don’t stop blogging. It’s entertaining. Selfish I know, since I’ve stopped, but honestly I need reading fodder. Haha!

  8. Huh, Switchfoot is pretty famous. I’m guessing you’ve heard Meant to Live and Dare You to Move.

    Oh and, Adam Levine is on falsetto while he’s singing! Don’t tell me you didn’t know that.

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