shorty got low low low low

Except that shorty isn’t me, and I got 60% for Chinese midyears! How awesome is that! With all the 2/20 zonghetiankongs you’d have thought that I’d probably have to take HMT next year, but looks like it’d take a freak accident for me to get below a D7 now.

(and anyway I DID get 2/20 for zonghetiankong. Shut up. That… lapse in awesomeness was not to douse my awesomeness in general.)

And hoo boy, 15/15 for SS. WWJD? He would give a big whoop, that’s what. Term 3 off to a better start, I think I’m understanding my sciences and more importantly making the effort to do so.

I could listen to this forever. Okay, maybe for about five minutes, which is eternity enough for my minuscule attention span. Carrots taste good, and so does mouthwash.


3 thoughts on “shorty got low low low low

  1. well zhonghetiankong’s not everything.

    i got 16/20 for it and still got 66.5, a mere 3 marks above, yet in the end below you.


  2. HAHA oh my god. I laughed out loud listening to that. Chipmunks are this weird concoction of cute and cuter and vaguely disturbing.

    Also, I got 6/20 for mine. Totally owned you. Everyone failed so they’re giving us specific lessons on zhonghetiankong. I totally don’t know how they’ll do it except for maybe 大家闭眼睛,试选标准答案!We make the chinese teachers very concerned.


  3. oh gosh don’t start on it again. i’ve been hearing your suans one too many atimes. i think its time to move seats.

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