screwtape and wormwood


you inspire me with your passion for soccer. it has been really long since I’ve been extremely passionate for something, and I guess that’s what it means, to give it your all to just be a part of whatever it is. it’s wonderful that you’re still serving as saikang-man (no offense, I’m just taking your word for it) despite all the shit you’ve probably gotten. I think you need more self-belief though, because you CAN play in the first team and you just have to work a little harder than the rest. whining about it is not going to make things better, because at the end of the day, you talk with, uh, your feet. =/

you used the word dominatrix wrongly. go check it up in the dictionary and feel ashamed. nah, kidding. (about my mean remark, not about the meaning of dominatrix, because you really got it wrong.)

I think lots of us have realised that no, 4K is not and will never be a homogeneously awesome class. only quite recently I’ve inspected my classmates individually (quite judgmentally I might add) and noticed that I actually view quite a few in not such a favourable light (I refer to classmates other than the obvious Square One, of course). I guess we can’t have a perfect class but I’m pleased that it was as good as it is already, because I’ve met many nice people. and yeah honestly? somehow I think that few BGRs outlast true friendships, be it same-sex or different-sex, not at this age, at least. I would like to leave RI for, uh, RI, having cemented some nice friendships that I can look back to in the future.

take heart, Rich.

The longest comment to a blogpost I have ever written for someone. I’m using it for blogging material because I’m really really brain-dead and I think it pretty much encapsulates what I feel about competition, bad diction and friends, in that order.

(We really do make the best friends in secondary school. We’re not too young to be flippant about friendship, and not too old to be self-sufficient that we couldn’t really care either way about it.)

Remind me to blog about RGS TalentVogue some day. I feel woozy.


5 thoughts on “screwtape and wormwood

  1. yes. true friendships. i know not which peeps. (bad rhyme scheming too)

    anyway, sorry for my bad Engrish?

    yes. i just checked. frigging wrong. u dun hav to put it up to ur 30,000 fans to see right?

    and yup, its a work on progress.

    you and me strive on, moot. (issit you and me? or I and you? ARGH)

  2. Hmm. Actually, BGRs can’t be same sex.

    Because that would be BBR or GGR.


    Kidding. I still get pwnt by Mooty. =(

  3. No I was referring to “true friendships”. But I think I have a DANGLING MODIFIER, thus the confusion.

    Don’t ask me what that means because I’m just pretending to be smart.

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