still feel cheated by the food

After Army Daze I remember how great it felt to be able to leave school early, as early as immediately after school if there weren’t any extra lessons or training. Then it got into a routine and I started taking it for granted.

With Dramafeste, I’m arriving home at 7.30pm again. Not that today wasn’t a productive rehearsal (if you could call it that), but with the advent of Semester 2 (OUR LAST SEMESTER IN SECONDARY SCHOOL HOW SAD IS THAT) I suppose work will always have to be my first priority, regardless of any other apparent first priorities I seem to have found. I could gain the whole world and not get a GPA of 3.6, and where would I stand, then?

Dramafeste is fun though because there’re many familiar faces (you know, I never thought I’d see the day three 2P’06 people work together on a major Hullett project. Anti house-spirit was what bound 2P together in a united front against the house system!) and we made much headway today. So, uh, PH34R HULLETT.

Fire drill today (we missed English, and yeah it COULD have been PE but on the other hand it could have been Chinese or math or Physics so I have mixed feelings. Everyone strolled and chatted on the way to Raffles Square. I think in the event of an actual fire we’ll think it’s a drill and stroll and die.

HM Tea today was conducted by Mr Kenneth Kwok, and FINALLY I know I will leave RI having attended HM Tea once. The food (which admittedly was my planned highlight of the whole thing) was average and finished within 20 minutes, which meant that some listening actually had to be done. I would say it was a pretty productive 90 minutes, because I’d have spent my free time, uh, wasting it.


10 thoughts on “still feel cheated by the food

  1. HAHA YES 2P’06 was bound by our unity against the rules.

    Remember the Columbarium Recess incident?

    Or the time we “Went For Lunch” at Pay’s house during Track and Field?

    HAHA 2P’06 rocks.

  2. yes. kudos to e fire drill

    ur HM tea was hosted by K.K!? that must hav been uber fun, being the lit-ty guy he is.

  3. Haha, I actually started it. The Columbarium Recess incident.

    Although I didn’t go for lunch at Pay’s house. Maybe because I was running. I’m not too sure, haha.

  4. I WASN’T AT THE COLUMBARIUM RECESS INCIDENT. I’ve always went along but that particular recess I decided to do something else. How lucky of me! Imma good boy.

    I WASN’T AT THE LUNCH THING. Okay now I’m starting to think I wasn’t part of the class. OH FINE, REJECT ME. Or maybe I was too engrossed in playing random games. You never know with Sec Two dudes.

    richyu: Kenneth Kwok was okay. I wasn’t expecting too much from HM Tea because I kinda suspected it’d be more propaganda and vague-commitmentless answers, and my expectations weren’t exceeded too much.

  5. OH YEAH THE COLUMBARIUM RECESS THING! I remember the time we were forced to hold those placards in the atrium but was forced to move to the circular area just outside of our then-class because we were in the way!

    Anyone remembers what words we were holding?

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