Okay I’m probably never going to be blogging again. Apparently “I’M NOT FUNNY ANYMORE” even if I do the Funny Face and thus I shall be killing myself unless someone gives me a hug and a very artful compliment.



eh fuck u lah u tink u ri good ah. At least my friend knows how 2 joke rite, not like some stupidly serious ri people. Only noe how 2 MUG. So stupid ask all the chim chim questions want 2 act smart ah? u suck man, anyhow flame people.



You know, my original post was only about that one ACSI guy? Please don’t tell me the whole school is filled with people like you and him. I had such a good impression of those nice and sweet ACSI guys in tight blue shorts.

But the best is yet to be! Perhaps ten years down the road their students will finally learn how to spell as well as they SPEAK.


He must have been laughing away every time we talked about ACSI ROX in class. SHIZZ, HE IS MASTER.


10 thoughts on “blanket

  1. that is hilarious. also, *hug*, your hair is cool, you are the epitome of the desert fox that has extra large ears to give off heat so its body doesn’t accumulate too much heat, in the sense that you weather all anonymous flames with your unfailing critical humour and flawless satire with all the nobility and naturalness of a fox weathering the hot desert sun, and your hair is soft like the fox. now please don’t abandon your blog or i will die of shame for the collective IQ and sluttiness of the internet will downgrade, in which case i too would be too reluctant to frequent the hallowed urls of websites whose shine is dimmed because the bright star of mootius is gone from the cyber universe.

    your people starve in the streets! speak, o great!

    (also, I will personally send parrots to assassinate you in your sleep if you dare step away from the computer)

  2. stacy
    Oh, you’re one to talk, Stacy “I-don’t-need-technology” Ooi! Also I have since lost some of my mane and now I look ugly, so if I were a fox I’d be a pretty retarded one and people would run away from me and throw stones at me. But you’re still very kind for calling me a ‘slut’. I almost cried.

    4K lore!

  3. But your hair will survive. It always does. Sluts are sluts for their daunting persistence in matters of the flesh and i believe that same persistence lives on in the cells of your embittered, traumatized locks (o great one).

    and WHATEVER i’m back now aren’t i? Fulfilling my responsibility of being wasteful, fuel-consuming and drunk on technology? DO YOUR DUTY, bald earthling!

  4. It is interesting how everybody assumes the poor speller and flamer to be the acs-i student. It does demonstrate the arrogance of all ri students and their inherent stereotypes about other people in Singapore who do not belong to their little theme park where tight white shorts are necessary.

    And again, may I remind this mooty person that other people in Singapore are not all stupid.

  5. hmm, coherent sentences and whatnot.

    this “acsirox” guy must clearly be a different entity from “ACSI ROX”


  6. Hahahaha sorry to point this out but all the comments you made about ACSI have now been carried over onto us. THANKS A LOT MATTHEW AND HERN WEI. Way to wage a mudslinging war with each other.

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