bros before hos

School wasn’t so bad, because nothing was due today. Everything’s due in a few days time, dangerously enough. We watched Philadelphia in CLE, which was pretty boring even though it was about homosexuality. A few rumours floated around. We discussed Euro and had recess as a class.

I never thought I’d say this, but it’s comforting to get back into the reassuring mundaneness that school offers. Having too much individuality gets way too hard on the ego.

I met the infamous school barber today. He was seven feet tall and had yellow eyes and a forked tongue, and he is master of unsatisfactory haircuts. One of these is true. Maybe two, because I wasn’t really checking out his eyes. I think Saggitarians get bad hair in 2008 or something.


2 thoughts on “bros before hos

  1. OMG it’s the Yellow-Eyed Demon! Azazael ZOMG.

    Nevermind, this is just randomness, and you probably won’t get it. No one watches Supernatural anyway (except me). =)

  2. yeah I didn’t get it :) now you shall be feeling pretty dumb and insecure and out of touch with the world. HA HA HA.

    (honestly, I outdo myself sometimes.)

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