way to make me feel crummy (and a SLAVE to TECHNOLOGY)

When I wake up tomorrow it will be at 6am for school.

Okay, that is plain scary. When I went to sleep last night all I had to worry about (or blissfully meditate on) was church and project meeting. In fact I spent yesterday watching videos online.

And it is really freaky how my non-IP friends are making as unflippant resolutions as “oh, I’m not coming online till after the O Levels” or “see you in November!” I mean, WHAT! Abstinence from the computer? I think I would even consent to BREATHE solely from Apple-regulated canned air if that made, uh, the Macbook ventilate better.

Now I just can’t help thinking that IP students are a bunch of weak-willed weevils. SO WE HAVE GROUP PROJECTS AND ONE O LEVEL PAPER. DEAL WITH IT.

Oh wait. Our O Level paper is for Higher Chinese. That changes things completely.

(In fact I think I shall try studying for that like now. I’m quite sure there are vague instructional five-minute videos for that on Youtube.)


5 thoughts on “way to make me feel crummy (and a SLAVE to TECHNOLOGY)

  1. Study hard moot, you’ll have O Level 6pointers in your midst next year (and yes, only a handful owe it to hardcore mugging)!

  2. Aw Madmatt. Don’t feel crummy, everyone’s a slave to technology. (I pretend not to so you know, PLAY ALONG.)

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