this is not a desperate plea for care and affection

I am sick and lethargic. Good that it should have come at the END of retreat, not during, but STILL. Getting sick during the holidays is dumb.

I think I shall give the CAP gathering a miss. And maybe even training on Monday.


(sympathetic comments welcome)


13 thoughts on “this is not a desperate plea for care and affection

  1. pay: NAW. Our Yong Peng reststop wasn’t the one with the fishes and the coins and the pirated stuff and the Ramly burgers. It was the one with tidbits and cup corn and teaeggs and 5% discount cards! (you’re confused now, aren’t you.)

    Nicole: Hey!!! Hope you didn’t vandalise my Bible or anything :O (and you’re not online!)

  2. lol! we stopped at yongpeng on friday as well. the wanton mee stall 15 shops down from the 5% discount shop is damn good. and cheap.


    (you know I still love you anyway because you’re my blood)

    (and if you don’t understand that, you haven’t been reading my blog properly. D<)

    (whee, parentheses!)

  4. and i realised the posts that get a lot of comments are those whereby you actually state that you would like comments.

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