yes, I know Malay.

So goodbye till maybe like Saturday the 14th, at 1 or 2 in the morning, for I leave to a brighter and sunnier place far far away, the distant city of Malacca (oh, I couldn’t find it on a map! Wait. I REALLY can’t.). One of the first things I’ll do when I come back is Go For CAP Gathering! And after that I’ll Listen To My ITunes Playlist Once Again Just To Check I Haven’t Forgotten Any Song. And after that maybe Go Out For Random Chick Flick, before rounding my life off (yes it WILL end there) by Going Back To School For Term Three.

I’m pretty sure I’ve missed out something, though. Could it have been Complete Homework??

Nah, it couldn’t have been.

HASTA LA VISTA. Meanwhile you can amuse yourself by commenting on my archives and reflecting on my greatness, while I lose myself to our Malaysian kawan.

Social Documentary must be the worst project EVER, because interviewing people on the streets is really exhausting, and hard on the egos to boot. The people we approached at Taka were largely unresponsive and daoed us in the rudest possible ways, that I’d have been proud of. (ah well, I’m sure they get much more practice than I do, so there’s no shame) We are doing a documentary on the lack of appreciation of arts in Singapore, and everyone started giving roughly the same answers.

Me: “I told you we should have chosen a more debatable topic! Like, ‘Is Miley Cyrus A Virgin?'”

I only realised later on how ironic it was that ‘Is Miley Cyrus A Virgin’ had to be the least debatable thing ever. I mean, come on. American, 15, celebrity, skanky. Was there ever a doubt?

Okay, I leave now to pack in one more shirt. Figuratively speaking, of course. What I meant was “Charge the Nintendo and play one more rhythm game on my Mac”.


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