where age limits are thrown out the window

Went to Cheryl’s house (at Bishan8, which is weird because it’s so familiar) where she keeps her trove of DVDs and alcoholic food and beverages. And chips. And unknown people. Except she doesn’t keep the unknown people at her house, because that’d be plain wrong.

Juno (of which I had watched around half an hour of online, before finding it totally pointless) was a refreshing change from all the other films out there. It’s just so… quiet. The soundtrack was beautiful. I like Ellen Page as Juno. I like how teenage pregnancy is explored in a calm, yet not altogether flippant, way.

I liked Sweeney Todd better though. The songs/singing were average as a whole, but the setting and characters were just so aptly surreal and dark. I expected much worse than the gore that was in the movie – too fake for my liking – but it wasn’t the gore that caught my fancy, but the whole perverted idea of Sweeney’s and Mrs Meatpie Seller. I would very much have liked to watch Sweeney Todd in a dark and detached movie theatre. I loved the ending. Perfect and twisted and really tragic. Beyond all the slit necks and bursting blood vessels was a story of a few lives interlocked in complex and twisted relationships, being told in its entirety.

And then we watched an episode of Black Adder, which was awesome as always.

My McFlurry was awesome. We went home and it looked at me imploringly, screaming, “You want a taste of me?” So I ate it and was happy, and we lived happily ever after. SO THAR, GREG. I DON’T NEED MA OTHER FRENS ANYMOAR.


6 thoughts on “where age limits are thrown out the window

  1. haha i just love johnny depp, period. :) even tho i thought tht the singing failed in comparison to phantom of the opera.

    but perhaps thats cuz that was opera.

  2. ‘a story of a few lives interlocked in complex and twisted relationships’?!?!?!?!?!

    Oh Mooty. You have experienced so little. There are BETTER PASTURES, and I would totally grab you by your hair and shove you into our SCHOOL LIBRARY which, for all its shabbiness, would put Sweeney Todd’s life story, hair AND eyeliner to shame. Stephen King owns you.

    p.s. your hair is really quite awesome now. It’s at the stage where it goes ‘meep touch me’ and ‘RAWR DON’T YOU DARE’ at the same time. Enjoy the schizophrenia while it lasts.

  3. thought sweeney todd’s music was crap, alot like tim burtons other musical movies , nightmare before christmas and corpse bride. but his movies have this really cool dark style that only he can pull off.

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