here comes the sun

The holidays are halfway in, but it’s the bad kind of holiday. Instead of doing more and carrying out any of my unique if weird hobbies, I have done next to nothing. Instead of catching up on my reading I’ve been reading at the same pace as I did in the school term – slow, uneffective, and prone to being distracted by more immediate gratification: the 13.3″ screen I have come to see pretty often.

This holiday is a time for rest, catching up with the things that matter, like writing, reading, tidying the room. It is of course also a time for catching up with homework, if at a more moderate pace. I have done little of the above. I have become less of a person, more of an avatar on the Internet.

The answer, I suppose, is moderation. Yes, sleep. Yes, watch anime. But keep in mind the things that matter! If not Term Three will roll over and we’ll be left hanging, still in a holiday mood, feeling cheated of our wasted time.

Not that I hadn’t always burned away my holidays in wasteful fashion, but this year time management is much more critical, and then again last time I used to burn away my time reading and writing my little stories.

On a sidenote I HAVE been doing some reading. The Screwtape Letters by C S Lewis (whose story I’ll be watching at the cinema tonight!) is a revolutionary series of fictional letters on Christianity. The premise is a senior devil who writes letters to his nephew, a junior devil, offering advice as to how to entrap the human he has been assigned to. Through the perspective of a devil Lewis offers an insight on Christian living that seems much more logical and clearer than most sermons have been to me. The book is a great combination of wryness and reason. Seriously the most level-headed book I’ve read on Christianity, and funny too, if a little dense.


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