not just another rap, this one

Oh shizz I found this great Youtube video on Ruijie‘s blog. For Linkin Park detractors and Linkin Park fans who can take a joke. Me? I’m neither. I enjoy a little bit of theirs, except that it gets boring listening to their songs after like, one playback.

When I rap
I talk about the pain inside
The problems you went through back in junior high.
Computerized beats
We got ’em from the start
Then Chester comes along and
“Sings this part”.
Then I rap some more
I say it all again like I did before.
Formulaic flow, one guy wears headphones
Here comes the same old chorus
You know the way it goes.

I just scream and shout
Don’t know what I’m so pissed off about
Our success is hard to figure out.

Now I’m rapping again
You thought that I was done
Just like rap/rock back in 2001.
We never sold out, we had nothing to sell
Is your CD on repeat?
“You can’t tell”
It’s all the same
We gotta DJ even we don’t know his name
You do what you can when your a TRL band
And 12 year old girls are your number 1 fans

Now I break it down
I’ll sing soft and not so loud
We are masters of overproduced sound

Time to yell again
Still pissed off my god it never ends
(I’m gonna rap a little here)
Our CDs belong in the bargain bin.


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