Was out with a select group of classmates to watch Singapore go down 7-3 to Uzbekistan.

Crazy match. It was a waterpolo scoreline, but entertaining. And Singapore didn’t really play too poorly for our expectations. Some guys sitting near us – obviously big-club EPL supporters – wryly commented, “So this is what it feels like to be a Reading or Wigan fan every week”. They’re right. The best part is that we don’t even feel angry or indignant about the Singapore team, because this is what a fan does, he accepts poor performances and looks forward to better.

And of late I’ve not been following English football as fervently as I used to. I guess I’m beginning to see that it is quite pointless following so conscientiously the affairs of teams that play halfway round the world, that we can only learn about through a newspaper, through a television screen. Part of the fun in enjoying football is actually going down to the stadium, using their dirty battered (smelly) toilets and going home with a crowd of people, all discussing the match. The standard of football may be higher in England, but the pleasures of watching these footballers LIVE won’t be there.

Also? I hate to get all preachy here, but it seems as though I start growing whenever I just put my trust in God and feel good. The last time I actually felt pretty good about my relationship with God I grew 10cm in that year. Woot! (or maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve been sleeping seven, eight hours each night, but oh, shut up.)


3 thoughts on “tiptoe

  1. uzbek won because of their flow and precision and amazing control. and there were like a billion throughballs that went through the paper defence! i mean im not even able to do that many on fifa!

  2. You watched? And it was also Singapore’s defense was simply unable to compete in terms of strength or pace or physique, they were beaten so many times by the mildest of Uzbek attacks.

  3. Argh. Maybe I’m being banned from reaching 1.7m because I’m a free-thinker. Man, that’s so evil.

    Kidding. =)

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