tim wang chien ming

I wanted to write something contemplative, which turned out dark and black and grimy instead.

And oh man Season 2 of Heroes is just… not as good. I mean, Maya Herrera’s ability? What kind of “ability” is that? It just screams occult. Seriously, I think I’d just kill myself if I had that. And a Singaporean version of Heroes (called the Lion City Heroes, because we’re creative that way) should do a Kids Central and invite random Asian kids on to the show and be guest stars “Superstar Kids” for a day, to get the Asian audience.

“Interrupting your normal Heroes episode to bring you… something better! On the set with me now is Tim! Tim is very SPECIAL. Say hi, Tim, and introduce yourself!”

Tim: “Hi! I’m Tim Wang Ching Ming, I’m 12, and I can play the piano!”

Director: “CUT! Uh, dude, you need a power.”

Tim: “Oh. Hi! I’m Tim, I’m 12, and I, uh, can fly! [cut to scene] Peter, let me, uh, fly you to the city! Chill, out! Yeah! Shave the cheerleader, shave the world!”

Peter: “Oh, shit. ‘Superstar Kid’ day again. They never pay me enough for this.”


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