ruler of the universe! (30cm category)

McGriddles (had early in the morning before training, because I could never stomach that without knowing I wasn’t going to burn it off somehow) is horrible! It’s like having sausage and egg… with unevenly spread-out maple syrup on mashed up hotcake, which of course is exactly what it is.

At the side, a McDonalds cashier was being scolded by her manager in no uncertain terms. I caught the words “handle situation better” and “manage staff”, which was weird. I thought McDonalds staff were free of all those “management” stuff, since they were just automated chunks of spare chicken parts, like everything else they sell there.

I don’t like Jason Mraz’s new album. Even his new version of “I’m Yours” was just weird and peppered with too much detail, which was contrary to the very simplicity of the song which made it so good. YOU’RE NO MORE MY FAVOURITE, BITCH. GO RIHANNA GO!

Today is ‘Create A Special Day In Facebook’ Day!

Well, not really.

Since the pro-homosexuality event went so well (people actually went around talking about it on their BLOGS, which is good enough, really), I was thinking if I should create some of my own, and propel myself to Facebookin’ superstardom! I’ll just list down some of my ideas, and you can vote on them.

“Unbutton The Top Button Of Your School Uniform And Pull Your Sleeves Up Accordingly So You Look Like An MGS Girl” Day
Though for some, that is EVERY day.

Singapore’s “Pretend To Have Caught Mas Selamat, Before Announcing That A Mistake Had Been Made, And Then Rallying The Nation Together Anyway” Day
He escaped three months ago. People may have forgotten if the police don’t grab headlines again!

“Lace Your Holiday Homework With Ketchup, Dump It In A Pile And Set Your Dog On It” Day
The Homework-Eating Dog hits town! Woot! Now the teacher will have to take five minutes to make a photocopy and assign it to you again!

“Media Fast” Hour
Go without any forms of media for… ONE HOUR. Stay strong, brothers!

(Frankly, I lost inspiration after UTTBOYSUAPYSUASYLLAMG Day.)


3 thoughts on “ruler of the universe! (30cm category)

  1. Uh, UTTBOYSUAPYSUASYLLAMG Day seems quite evil. >.<

    But I like LYHHWKDIIAPASYDOI Day. Although I don’t have a dog. T_T

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