Great song, great singer, awesome set.


7 thoughts on “nooztube

  1. Don’t worry, rich, I don’t know who she is either, though I love it now and I love the song and the set and the little props are SOOO CUTESY OMG CUUUUTEESYYYY.

    And, WIKIPEDIA will tell us who she is.

    1. “Say It Again” was written by Natasha Beddingfield and Adam Levine and Mike Elizondo for N.B., though I suspect the girl in the video ain’t N.B.

    2. Marie Digby has a song called “Say It Again”.

    3. Marie Digby’s version is better.

    4. The girl in the video is Marie Digby.

    NOTE: They ain’t linking premises, in case you were wondering.

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