a nag! / no, (c)risis!

Hillsong United had a concert yesterday!

What was I doing at a RED RAIN concert? I think I know the problem with them; they’re not giving enough to God. It felt more like a concert about THEM, which, yeah, it’s supposed to be, in a way, but honestly, it was less about God than about four hippies lapping up the attention like URINE on a PLATTER. Assuming they liked urine on a platter.

(also, movie, anyone? I haven’t watched a movie in AGES. YOU could be the ONE to help me get back onto the path of media, sex and recreational drugs!)

(spiritually charged!)


(oh, screw the parentheses.)


3 thoughts on “a nag! / no, (c)risis!

  1. I totally agree. I wouldn’t have minded staying for 3000 encores if they had spent the time worshipping God instead of singing stuff like ‘love, She beckons me” or something.

  2. …3000 encores of worshipping God? :O I would sooner have every single trigo formula branded onto me.

    But it WAS very bad. The music was grating, and the guy looked like Hannah Montana’s brother.

    The big red balloons were very fun though :D

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