anointed lips

I’d been deliberating on whether to go support RI at The Arena finals (of which I now know the results but apparently am not allowed to divulge, ha ha, I have SECRETS [which you can worm out of me for five dollars]) or go with my cell group to LaserQuest today afternoon. In the end I decided to go to Timo’s church’s rock concert.

The church is Heart of God Church, a couple of floors in a building near Paya Lebar MRT. It was culture shock, definitely. Everything was so much more… contemporary. The band in question was Red Rain, which I had never heard of. Look, it doesn’t even HAVE a Wikipedia article! ULTIMATE DEFINING SIGN OF OBSCURITY, SO BOO.

I’d also never been to a rock concert, and don’t think I’ll be making that a habit. I get the strange feeling my audible frequency range halved every hour in that place. While Red Rain was passable in tune and rhythm and everything, the lyrics were just too superficial (not to mention lacking in good metaphors or meter, or rhyme even) and didn’t move me into feeling anything other than freaken’ stoned. It was like Christianity trying to be accessible to everyone else and in doing so neglecting the Christian part of it.

Maybe I just like acoustic Christian songs this much better.

After it we started discussing Christianity over dinner, which is an interesting subject, but then we started talking about girls and girlfriends and Mediacorp artistes and Kids Central and girls and girlfriends, which is like, even more interesting, and then we went home.

and, yeah
the concert was bad

Zip, boom, bonjour!
i’m going to a concert tomorrow with robyn and shi hao
it’s by red rain
christian band, apparently
and we’re taking the bus there!!!

…forget I ever said anything bad about the concert then

Oh, man. Every time someone watches a non-Wikipedia ordained concert, a baby in Africa DIES.


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