last day of school

Last night we were too shocked at our non-selection to have any proper closure. We never really believed in our elimination, I guess. Not that we were convinced of our own superiority, but the inferiority of the plays that got in (other than the RJC one).

Today Junsean and Choonhow got SMSes. Our plays had been “specially invited” to be staged at tonight’s Finals.

A chance for closure. Choonhow’s much more enthusiastic group still believed in a miracle last night, and will be hoping for more in tonight’s Finals – maybe some sort of proper recognition. I? I’m just glad that we’re being recognised. After a humbling night we’re on our way to the Finals, and we’re going to make the judges regret they ever left us out of the cut.

Good bye. Packing my costume as I type. Wish us luck.


One thought on “last day of school

  1. Oh my god. Who would’ve believed in your elimination? I have personally never watched it but… okay, call it blind faith.

    And you don’t have training. Which is always good. Yeah have fun with the applause :D

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