This wasn’t even a coherent review.

HCI ELDDFS’ How The Other Half Loves was held on the exact same times as RJC Players’ Our Town. I don’t think I missed much though, because HTOHL was AWESOME.

I mean, sure, the cast was good, the set was great, but the script was just so mindblowing I feel like flying to Britain and paying homage to Alan Ayckbourn (if he’s not, you know, passed on already). He has inspired me in so many ways.

The stage was so superbly used. Two couples make their homes on it in a parallel set – neither notice the existence of the other, yet say such ironic things when juxtaposed against the previous lines exchanged between the other couple. The lives of these two couples, and yet another couple who seeks to have nothing in any affair, yet is caught up with many, many affairs involving everyone, eventually culminate in a very tangled web of relationships.

The characterisation was good. Each of the six main characters have their specific idiosyncracies and traits, resulting in many stupid actions and lines, but it’s still hard not to love them all the same.

I’ve ran out of positive adjectives, but really, the parallel conversations positively redefined comic timing and made for irony in almost every dialogue. Some of the lines were also great stand-alone, though.

What Ayckbourn loses to Wilde in terms of understanding of the human condition, he makes up for in sheer creativity and innovation. Good night. badabadaboom

Inspired for Dramafeste, but Dramafeste sucks because:

  • no girls –> no love/relationships/comedy of manners would fail without girls
  • half an hour –> can’t do anything much with characterisation or basically anything else
  • distasteful RI audience –> laughs at the unfunniest things, keeps silent at the intelligently funny parts

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