totally incoherent rant about half-insight

I was just having a i+Macbook bonding session today, because apparently 69.69% of Macbook users are neglecting their life partners and causing them to ROT PAINFULLY on the desk, untouched till needed to satisfy the users’ basic needs. I wasn’t about to do that with mine.

My Macbook is awesome. It can rip songs off the Internet, it can rip movies off the Internet, it can rip TV series off the Internet. But I was just thinking that NO, computers can never take over our lives! I mean, reading books off the Internet would never be the same as flipping the new/nice-smelling / old/foul-smelling pages of a book. That’s what books are for, they satisfy the book-flipping fetish ingrained in every little child.

e-Books are cool and all, but why the hell would you want to read a book on a SCREEN?? I don’t know about you, but part of the reason I still read is to take a break from the stressful 13.3 inch screen that has become almost all of my world, and the least I could do is to make sure that it remains just that, almost.

The day reading becomes a purely FUNCTIONAL thing, I must kill myself in abject pain and mental agony or watch Police and Thief reruns for HALF A DAY.

Oh wait, no difference.


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