of thighs and tan (and chicken essence)

I went for training yesterday. First time since Army Daze ended, first time since their season ended. It wasn’t that bad. After two months of my no-show my passing and shooting has taken a turn for the worse, but it doesn’t really matter because I know I won’t ever have to play the sport competitively again if I didn’t want to, which, uh, not really.

My favourite junior thinks I’m fast, watched Army Daze, asked expectantly when the next issue of the Rafflesian Times would be coming out. No wonder he’s my favourite junior. (to the others reading: you still have hope yet! I accept $10 bribes and free food.)

The coach announced the potential 20 Sec Twos and Threes for next year’s B’div team, which is a new initiative, announcing the shortlist so early. Sport CCAs are so horribly thrilling it’s, hmm, horrible.

Also, OMG I FOUND A SHOCKING MARKET TREND: 100% of famous top PSLE scorers ALL take New Moon Chicken Essence! Guys, this is serious: I think we may have world-class chicken essence on our hands – Oh, wait! Maybe New Moon simply unscrupulously approached the top PSLE scorers with advertisement deals, so that they could pretend that the chicken essence was the cause of the good grades!

But nah. Of course they couldn’t have done something like that. Sorry for my cynicism.


3 thoughts on “of thighs and tan (and chicken essence)

  1. oh noes! i didnt make the team! now i shall emo like those who failed like me as well! oh wait i’m sec 4. =( and who the hell is ur favorite junior? if u’re refering to polo, then i doubt that the juniors would have to bribe u coz u arent really much of an influence are u. =)

  2. Don’t be silly. They obviously put random people in generic uniforms which vaguely look like uniforms from various credible schools, then they call them top scorers.

    Because I don’t see any traces of school emblems on their uniforms.

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