soudesu ne?

I’d figured I’d might as well take part in all the writing/random-bits-of-artsy-here-and-there competitions this year, since it’s my last year in RI (which, in spite of all my “I WAN RJC NAO” exclamations, I’m really going to miss for the nothing I’ve contributed to it, and the everything that other people have. I think my nothing beats their everything, because it’s so comprehensively… devoid of things). I’ve been writing random snippets of stories. They don’t look good, and I’m easily distracted. I can’t remember how I got into CAP last year. I think I must have bribed some coordinator with a six-pack of Jolly Shanty and gotten them drunk, before typing my name in the Excel document with all the names.

My stories don’t even fit the requirements of anything. I feel horribly worldly and conscious of everything around me, even when I’m writing, and it’s the worst feeling I could ever feel.

How do you write a good haiku?

haiku haiku meh
pretend to be so detached

the cold winter frost


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