blank stares at blank pages


It was a beautiful post, stark in its simplicity. I didn’t cry – since it wouldn’t have been the first time today – but it was a close thing. I don’t know Jon Shin well, but he’s in the class next to mine, which makes for the occasional Project Corner encounters, the illicit violent football matches in the mornings that piss the hell out of everyone sleeping at their desks.

Well. I don’t know what to say, really, except that I feel for Jon Shin, even if I’m not able to fully empathise. But it makes for some introspection, right? My mother could be the same, so could yours. I think it is the perfect Mother’s Day message, better than the sweetest icing on the tiramisu cake, better than the largest ribbon on the jewelry box-shaped package.

Treasure your mothers. I’m sure God would have wanted us to learn this.

Happy Mothers’ Day.


One thought on “blank stares at blank pages

  1. wow, i don’t know who jon shin is, but that’s really quite… saddening. i’m not sure if i should tag there not knowing him and all…

    i really feel for him i guess. i can appreciate loss.

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