matthew’s ten facts of the day

1. I’m bald

2. I’m socially stupid

3. I remember I had something really smart that I really wanted to blog about, but I forgot what it was. I can’t even remember if it was emo or funny.

4. Drama Feste makes people bitCHY

5. Half of Singapore went to last year’s Lit Sem and was crammed in that very small room to watch three good plays and a little skit about a few people embarrassing themselves on stage FOR LIFE. THERE ARE SCARS STILL

6. I got under 11.30 for 2.4! Hurrah! I can go sit at the cool table during recess now!

7. I am horrible at rhythm games

8. I’m white and fat. I could be the Before picture for a “Go For CCA Now! (Because Conscientious CCA-Goers Get All The Chicks. Of Course, They Are Also Deemed As Model Rafflesians, But I Think The First Reason Was Motivation Enough)” campaign.

9. Swensens spoils you. UNSEX ME NOW, FUDGE



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