I’ve been messing up all my tests. I can’t explain it, but I’ll bet on complacency, lack of effort to patch up the holes in my understanding, Army Daze distraction, newfound games on Margarita (as my Macbook was previously christened).

I forgot my keys again, so I went to McDonalds and attempted every single question in Differentiation, Worksheet 6 – until my parents were home. I’m really quite glad that I forgot those keys, really. (though it really has to stop, because I’m supposed to be Ultra Responsible, level 19)

I want to study with someone, but we’d just end up talking and I’ll end up distracting myself and we wouldn’t get anything done except a whole lot of gossip and random scribbles.

Lighthearted stuff:


Avenue Q is the adults’ response to Sesame Street, and of course is a lot more fun. “Fun” means less sexually restrained, more random and cute, and less sleep-inducing. Honestly, though, if there’s an age restriction (none of which would allow a 15-year-old bald guy in, I think. 15-year-old, maybe, but bald? NEVER!) then I would break the doors down and steal their puppets and play them myself in my room and feel happy.

Suddenly everyone I know is involved in Dramafeste one way or another. I think that pretty much defines the nature of my social circle. WAI NO JOCKZ WAN.

I shall also stop tagging (or categorizing) my posts, because that’s so contrived. How do you tag random?


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