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Senior Management Rap

OH MY – WTF. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen off the Net in my LIFE, though it apparently came out on TV? (I wouldn’t know – I haven’t watched TV regularly in ages.) As everyone knows, the only thing funnier than watching retards dance on Youtube is watching retards who take themselves seriously dance on Youtube. Old ones, shaking their Botoxed booties.

It’s not even about ageism. It’s knowing that if you don’t have a good sense of rhythm or lyrics, you shouldn’t be trying to act like the selfsame errant teenagers you spend half your lives trying to whip into shape. And failing. Miserably.


5 thoughts on “GET CREATIVE, CAN DO, ROCK ON

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  2. But if the people didn’t take away any message from it other than “Dude those guys suck”, I don’t think MDA did itself any favours.

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