incoherent pre-test, uh, gasps for air

1. On my way home today there was a funeral at a void deck near YCK MRT station, and the only fully-occupied table was discussing cheap mobile phone plans. I think they’re conserving their grief for nighttime, when more people arrive.

2. There’s also an orange Vitamin-C pill that I always want to take – despite it not tasting very nice or anything – because it is EFFERVESCENT. For five minutes it’d just swim around and bubble and froth, kick up a big fuss but be part of the invading water anyway. No stirring required, too. It’s so cool. I’d make an inspirational analogy to the Rafflesian Spirit right here and now, but, nah.

3. The Arena has made me realise my inherent elitism. It’s like, only the top schools have good grammar, and I am such a grammar nazi (though I do try to overconvolutes my sentences and messes up my grammar a lot)! Meh. And where are those Wholesome Debating Chicks (WDC) the commercials promised me, eh? NOT FUN ONE!

4. I’m trying to do my argumentative English essay, but it just sounds hotly rhetoric if anything. That seems to be my essay writing style these days: full-of-hot-air, few examples (but who cares?), you-win-if-you-sound-passionate-enough, cynical-accusatory-fierce, etc. Which is rather worrying, though rather good as well, since I didn’t know I had a writing style.

0. There’s also a four-hour Chinese test tomorrow. I would sleep at ten, but it’s ten-oh-four now so I’ll sleep at ten-thirty or eleven at the latest. I had no idea what to prepare for, because I’d just look at my compo grades (35/70, 10.5/20) and get miserably doomsdayish and bitter and prone-to-kicking-stones-into-gutter-and-hurting-my-toes about it. Please tell me RI just has higher standards, because half my battleplan relies on that!

(Okay, maybe all of it. And stop looking at me with that disdainful stare. I have a four-hour Chinese test tomorrow. I am entitled to my gay banter.)


2 thoughts on “incoherent pre-test, uh, gasps for air

  1. Hi,

    I’m a regular reader of your blog and just realised you posted a comment: on my blog a month ago. Just replying to return the compliment, in fact I’ve been reading your blog before your comment, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a comment from the author of one of the blogs I regularly read. Just like to say “thanks”, pls keep posting!


  2. Actually, I got to your blog while checking out my readership (YES, it gets that bad). Once in a while I’ll check my hitcounter and go all, wow! I have readers! And then I’ll watch Heroes and pretend I have a life.

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