because 69% of my fanbase thought me ‘not bitch enough’

Okay, there’re some people I just can’t work with. They stay irritating when the teacher is around, and positively insufferable when the teacher IS. And anyway they just exude an aloofness to a selection of people they don’t regard highly (and the last I checked I was on many people’s selections).

I don’t consider myself a natural leader or a very motivated person, but I do have good ideas occasionally, and I don’t think it very nice to ignore my random constructive murmurs, or repeat the idea loudly five seconds later to the beaming teacher, going on and on about how the idea was brilliant and how it would work, and looking positively proud and excited.

Though I guess there’ll be people to work with many times in the future, and most of them will have various personality handicaps like such (as said above I’m not the perfect group member myself), and I pray that the next time I meet an asshole, I jolly well make sure I get my point in loud and clear.


3 thoughts on “because 69% of my fanbase thought me ‘not bitch enough’

  1. omg matthew hope im not one of those u’re talking about =/

    i think u’re a nice guy to work with, just very scary when you suddenly turn emo =(

    and if u just tell me on msn if u were going to log off -.-

    but yeah man chill you did quite alot for chinese. u may be still in the run for professional homework completer.

    wait. cancel the professional. leave that to other people.

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