get frrrrrrrrrresh

I’m in Fast and Fresh, because Jonlian’s script got accepted for the finals, along with 24 others, and I vaguely remember having signed up. Apparently we have a good chance of winning – that is, if we can organise everything really fast. The performance is in less than three weeks’ time, and we just came together to rehearse today morn, for the first time. I actually think the idea could work, but then we’d have to act much better, be more spontaneous as an ensemble (which really only comes with many many rehearsals), and come up with the best costumes.

Fast and Fresh will be held at the Play Den! I think I’ve walked the space enough to have an idea of what it feels like. I still think the three-side-audience is a bitch, though.


34 thoughts on “get frrrrrrrrrresh

  1. just realised something random connected to “fast n fresh”,

    we go through the hurly-burlies of our rafflesian life, so fast, so furious, week after week, CCT by CCT, that it all seems too fast, to be fresh, and yet, the indiv experience is so fleeting that every next other thing seems a fresh breath of air.

    this chop-chop way of life that i never really relished in, nor fully adjusted too is so teleportish-, so episodic, that it doesn’t feel like a LIFE anymore. it feels like a series of events really, unfortunate or not, i know not, all i know is that i’m quite numb already, almost zombie-like, not really fully enjoying, or immersing myself in the joys of life (what joys?). i feel detached. i feel lonely, (doing a grp prj by urself n conversing through dead plastic with a guy who is also floundering like ur self doesn’t really inspire confidence for the trudge ahead), and worst of all, i feel empty.

    i need somebody to turn me on. yes, i understand the inneundo, no, this is not a joke.

    *reverting back to partial facade in confronting society’s ugliness*(OMG this sounds like a personal blog post. sry mooty)

  2. come on rich… at this rate, you can go collect all your comments and start RICH’S RANTINGS.

    we need to finalise our script and establish a strong resolution. and work on your characterization. i wont be able to attend your rehearsals already.

    3 sided audience is terrible agreed.

  3. Thanks for confiding in this blog. I shall now embark on a journey to gain your trust and convince you to unleash the Basilisk from the Chamber.

    …you can tell I’m really sleepy, right?

  4. Rich: I can’t believe I stayed up till 3am to half-complete a project that was due the following Monday (in the end).

    Lynette: 20+ May, I’m not sure of half the details.

  5. Rich, i seriously have no comment about your earlier rant.

    but i do have two questions: how many days you took to type that out, and how many dictionaries you had beside you.

  6. moot: well, u did. and good luck on finishing it!

    jarrell: I have no idea what the 2 qns are suppose to get at. I dun understand what u wanna say, so i shall give it as i see it, no i din hav any dictionary and it took about 20 min to type it out?

    I dun get what you’re trying to tell me. So sue me.

    or better yet. just tell me. really appreciate it.

    and nigel: welcome to my life.

  7. i’m not making fun of you.

    i think u’ve reached a point where u just ignore everything everyone else says coz you think everyone is just out to make fun of you.

    wrong way to approach things Rich.


  8. oh and please don’t take any of these comments personally.

    basically, just ignore mooty about the me not giving you a break part. or ignore mooty in general =D

  9. @Jarrell

    It’s almost like kicking a cat everyday and then wondering why it tries to claw you every time it sees you. >_>

  10. lol i don’t understand why everyone is taking a stab at me for what I said, and completely ignoring jon lian’s earlier suan about Rich’s Rantings and all.

    maybe I should have learnt how to use wit to hide my scorn, like mooty and lian did.

    either that, or I should just ignore such things from now on. really none of my business anyway -.-

  11. Jon was only making a statement about the quantity of Rich’s comments, and I can infer that he does not have a blog of his own, hence Jon’s comment.

    Your comment was amusing on its own, but your three followup comments (three~!) which tried to justify your earlier comment made the whole thing sort of fail.

  12. it wasnt even a suan. and all these comments are kind of getting stale. it’s time to get frrrrrrrrrrrresh

  13. Guys i think it’s time for us to take a step back and examine our own actions. It seems childish from where i’m standing, seriously. Jarrell, just say sorry to rich and we’re done here alright?

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