the official motivation post (cue applause)

Physics CCT was okay. All the questions were answerable, at any rate, though I really only started studying last night 10.30pm after everything else. I did both bonus questions, which is always a good sign. Thank God, really, that the two CCTs immediately after Army Daze should be reasonably easy, because I feel something sinking right now, and it feels like my GPA.

Motivation motivation, concentration concentation! My CCA life has been anything but glorious, and to stand a chance at any scholarship means putting my all in my studies, and being focussed and everything. If I want something hard enough (though this probably applies only to non-living things, and even then, inanimate ones), it will SHOW.

I must also work hard for Chinese O Levels (as part of my 2008 Overachieving Plan), so I think I might just pick up a Chinese book at the library, like, next week.


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