haircuts and impending deadlines

Then again, what’s the difference? A haircut is exactly like an impending deadline! *insert witty analogy here*

My second haircut in a week. I now have even less hair than the Facebook photo of Army Daze that Greg unearthed (such is the rabidness of some of my fans. I apologise if they have been leaving “wheres math’ews haircut plz post foto plz” tags on your blog, because I CAN’T HELP IT). Except this one is actually quite cool. Who knows, I may have seen the last of my floppy, ne’er-pass-hair-check hair! Bald is the new hair!

It looks weird, but I can get used to it. I just realised that I have a very good “Prisoner’s Glare”, and goodness knows how many icky situations that could get me out of! Also, apparently Clean-Shaven Prisoner is all the rage these days. Time for me to try some devious pickup lines.

“Whoo yeah, lady… your tummy’s like as round as my head… but it’s okay, I do pregnant chicks as well. Your house or – hey, what’re you doing with that beer! – *splash*”-


On to impending deadlines and Notable Dates. (The year moves on swiftly, and when I next wake up it shall probably be in the school hall, sitting for HMT O Levels. There shall be five minutes left to the end of the paper, which would be totally blank. I like to scare myself this way, because then I’ll almost never get disappointed.)

Physics CCT (preparation: 0%)
Lit presentation (progress: 95%)
Daniel’s birthday (how often do I publicise birthdays? Like NEVER, so you better thank me, Daniel, with a car or something)
Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day
Zuo wen (have no idea what’s the topic because I was absent)


Labour Day
Cage outing with the class? (or performance-task-completing?)

Chinese group PT due (progress: 0%)

History group PT due (progress: 0%)

General Assignments Which Loom But Which I Don’t Know The Deadline For, Because I’m Scarily Unmotivated That Way
Biography letter (draft 3)
AQ (technically that’s due today but I just found out)

We have a problem. I think I’ll have to play the Army Daze card to get myself some extensions. The haircut will definitely help lend some credibility.


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