“but you can call me…”

1. Army Daze over
2. Thanks 4K people, you guys made the last show that much energised, you wouldn’t believe how quiet the first two shows were in comparison
3. Thanks everyone else as well
4. More friends couldn’t come because I dilly-dallied over the tickets
5. My church friends will see my flat top and laugh
6. Production is frickin’ over
7. I didn’t mess up much
8. I was slutty
9. I received red peppers
10. I need sleep


10 thoughts on ““but you can call me…”

  1. omg did byap just leave such an ego comment?!?!?! AHHH!H!H!!!

    and of course, matthew was relentlessly slutty last night!

  2. i am responsible for 2, 3 and 9 :D and the freaking gourmet supermarket was so damn ex. your two peppers were close to $4. so you better not throw them away.

  3. stupid boy. you think I stalk you ah? I was blog searching “Army Daze” for check what ppl said about the show. then i found byap’s blog which had your link lar!

    and i knew greg’s blog before from CDC lor.

    ms keh says you dao her in school. say hi when you see her la!

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