getting to my head

First performance down!

I am still so inexperienced, so raw at this thing – I haven’t even done a single Dramafeste! But things will pick up. I’m quite sure tomorrow will bring two better performances. Half the class will be coming down tomorrow evening, so good for us, because if there’re people who’d laugh at the stupidest things that’s us.

I didn’t screw up spectacularly – because I don’t have enough lines to do that, and in any case I’m really thankful for that – and in any case the audience wasn’t exactly unresponsive (though we did expect more) – and yadda yadda, more reflection to follow after everything. This role has been challenging, because it’s so easy to act a transexual slut and pull the laughs, but it’s always nice to expand your repertoire.

Okay, whatever. Sleep.


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