Me: So how did you find it?
Byap: Uh… not bad. I liked Twelth Night!
Me: Yeah! Me too! And I liked A Midsummer’s Night Dream!
Byap: Yeah!

Byap: What a great doublebill, eh?

Wasn’t just the fact that RI did a tragedy in Macbeth, while the HCI and RJC (TN and MSND respectively) did comedies. Tragedies are indeed much harder, because the actors need to be everything, but so many things made it another poor showing. It didn’t help that it was followed by two very amusing plays.


2 thoughts on “macbetty

  1. my sis actually said that where performance was concerned, rj did the best, followed by hc, and then ri which is pretty sad cuz ithought ri would surpass hc. but ah wells. :)

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