door mat

Methinks Singapore’s blogosphere has hit a new low.

Fauzi Russull: Singapore’s Only Male Bitch

I mean, Xiaxue has occasional flashes of brilliance every few months or so, and at least she maintains a certain standard of English and grammar skillz, but this guy?

Anyway, let’s get to the point, shall we? I’m Fauzi Rassull, the self-duped Singapore’s Only Male Bitch. I run my own website and I love to bitch. I’m 18 now and if you realised, my concept of blogging has change.

…yeah. “Self-duped”, which probably makes sense in an ironic sense. Go on, read some of his posts.

I don’t know if I should be smiling wide if anywho labelled me an “ANOREXIC”. You know, I’m okay when anyone use that word if h/she knows the limit. Not when it gets to the point where they are actually truing to be sarcastic to you. Yes, it turn out funnay at first but then it’s getting on my nerve after awhile. Ya’ll know how Fauzi Rassull will react. He is just going to give a super fake smile right infront of you and you can never realise that he is faking it okay. No, I’m not angry in anyway nor am I pissed. I was just wondering if it’s fun to play with the word “ANOREXIC” with someone (me of course) who never in my life gone through that situation before.

Okay, so he talks about anorexia. Which is fine by me, I guess (apart from ubiquitous/stark lack of good grammar), but he talks about anorexia, being fat, being skinny, like EVERY POST. Oh, then he rambles on and on about his bigoted anti-fat (which in reality is being of an acceptable weight or more) views, then passes them off casually as ‘just bitching’.

I don’t care if you’re unhappy or upset with the way I blog. This is my style, my personality and afterall who’s blog does this belong to?

Whatever. My point is, why’s he winning blog awards?


8 thoughts on “door mat

  1. omg. this guy blogs senselessly. he pales in comparison to xiaxue, who manages to inject an element of humour into her ranting. this guy just bitches for the sake of “bitching”.

  2. ey. i was a reader of your blog for quite sometime now. suprised to see you blog about this “whoever”.

    but know what, he is a cute boy and he is also entertaining. he is bitchy. so what? at least he has the gut to say it and is brave enough lor. i may not know him but i can say he is not a hypocrite to anyone though. i maybe wrong but my gut says he isnt any xiaxue or bryanboy or perez hilton or even lao zhar bor. haha

    i think he is unique i dont see any guy who call themselve “GUY” be that brave as him.

    like you. i just know u’re pain in the ass to hate him.

  3. Thanks dianna, for your insightful comment. I think I feel a slight pang of guilt in my gut right now. Or it could just be hunger.

    Yup, definitely hunger.

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