I staggered home, drunk on Bluecurrant & Aloe Vera.

Still can’t believe I played for inter-house waterpolo, but for the first time in four years they thought me good enough (and anyway I’m not a registered player, so I don’t COUNT as a waterpolo player. Whatever, bitch.), so there I was. I missed the Buckley match, which we lost 6-5. They needed me! It was so obvious! I would change into my trunks and save the day with my awesome goals!

So I changed, and we played Moor, to which we lost 6-3, and Bayley: 6-2, Morrison, 6-5. Awesome maulsome, but I don’t care about us, because we would lose anyway. And I scored three goals! Two against Moor and one against Morrison!

The awesomilitude that comes with scoring is so, like, cool. I’m beginning to get the hang of it already. I had more wasted chances, I admit, but at least I fought for every ball (or at least, appeared to do so, with flailing arms and spirited expressions in tow). Not so much the lil’ noob on the bench anymore, huh. (or off the bench, really)

Players was tiring and I still have issues about everything and I do wish I didn’t think that I’d get away with whatever I say or however I treat people, because I’m a right bastard for thinking so. And everything is due/tested on the schoolday/week after the production, so thanks for the care and concern, teachers.

On a brighter note I’m writing again. Not fancy short prose or whatever, but a fantasy novel project that just gets me excited whenever I think about it, which is a good start. I don’t know how many of you still remember The Ubers from last year. It was a great idea, apparently, because subsequently, NBC read my blog and went all, “Hey, nice idea! Let’s take it and rename some of the characters, add in some skanky female characters and romance, and call it a show! We could give it a lame, crappy name that everyone would love, like, uh, Heroes! I’ve a feeling the world will love this show.”

[Nothing personal against Heroes, because I’ve been watching it every day since the downloads started completing, and it’s really my favourite show. Yes, there’re various cliched parts in the series, but in a superhero story cliches are inevitable, and anyway some of them can serve to drive the plot and/or sense of irony, so that’s good. Superhero TV series aren’t hard to make popular, but I like that Heroes is smart as well. The dialogue isn’t spectacular, but it beats the dialogue of so many other shows; I like their attempts at creating double layers for the dialogue, such that everything shouldn’t just be taken at face value. I just love the abrupt scene changes when something’s being revealed – the suspense is built up so well: the dialogue of the characters leaves the viewer suspicious of something’s to come, yet he’s still in the dark, until the camera angle pans/zooms to reveal something in the scene, something hitherto unnoticed, that advances the plot in the viewers’ minds. The viewers are made to BE in the mystery, figuring out pieces of the puzzle as they’re revealed, without explicitly referring to it in the dialogue, which would have been plain cheap. It’d be good if I could emulate such suspense in my writing, but I’d have to work with limitations, because on video it’s so much easier to reveal something not explicitly stated.]

The Ubers was a promising idea, but then people started calling for updates to the more popular Esplanade Chee, and I’m not exactly a committed writer, so the idea got indefinitely shelved. Watching Heroes now, I just got an urge to revisit this idea, though. I wrote and uploaded two chapters way back, and both are horrible, so I’m rewriting from scratch now, and not posting it online this time, because I don’t think drafts should be posted up, especially horrible ones.

I can’t remember exactly how the idea was spawned. Definitely not Heroes, but I think it was more of The Incredibles, which was a movie I really liked.


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