rugby b’div: raffles 11 – 15 acs(i)

Perhaps, as the game entered the beginning of the end – score balanced precariously at 11-15 – I would have jumped, whooped as an attacker in green – ANY attacker in green, I don’t know most of them anyway, it doesn’t matter – ran with the ball, cunningly sidestepping the clumsy and complacent enemies decked in bumblebee, and flew to the touchline, in slow motion as it probably would have been played out in our minds for whole days after the match. I might even have screamed, punched my little fist in the air like a Sec One as the final whistle happened, running to the pitch with the rest of them white uniforms, in jubilation and abandon.

Ah well, we shall never know now. Well done, Raffles, for the first. Runners-up.

(ACSI ROX, are you reading this?)


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