the official introspective raffles players post, by mooty

Army Daze will be performing in just two weeks time. Post a comment or drop me a missive if you want tickets; I’m not going to repeat this.

I’ll actually be really happy when it’s over and done with. The experience and everything else has been invaluable, even if I’ve been spending most of my rehearsals at the sidelines, or helping with the props, or playing the female roles when the teachers aren’t there, since my role is so freaking minor. I mean, it’s almost like professional theatre, and to an extent it is, except it’s high school professional theatre, which takes off some of the shine because we’re all amateurs. Ms Quah has worked in professional theatre before, and Woo Chiao, our new assistant director, is involved in theatre now, to some extent, so we’re getting all the help we need. There’s also something different about being in a drama CCA instead of being in a sport. The bloopers are priceless, and the people are funky, and you get to quote lines from the script out of context in future conversations.

(Originally I’d thought that Raffles Players was a Poof-Haven, because so many of them spoke in high-pitched voices and walked around with broken wrists. It was the running joke of 2006, really. But I’m so glad that the cast this year is awesome and fun and not utterly lost in their own world of theatre and drama and oohlala.)

Yet I still have some gripes about the production. To be honest I don’t really agree with elements in the script, and I’m not sure why its ‘original flavour’ is being retained so steadfastly, so rigidly. Nostalgia for the potbellied Reservists and balding fathers, sure, but the fact is that the majority of the people in the stands will be youths who couldn’t afford better, who turned up just to support their friends. Some of the jokes are going to fly right over their heads, and nothing is being done to contextualise the script. Oh well. My opinion wasn’t consulted, and I’m sure the higher-ups have their own grand lofty ideals for the play, and I’ll perform my bit part with pride and gusto and finish this up and get my CCA points and the extra bullet point in my resume.

I also hate the fact that my time, my freedom is being taken right out of my hands, my wings strapped so tightly to my side. It’s something I thought I’d prepared for when I went for auditions, but it’s just hard to deal with. The three YAWP participants were censured for having participated in YAWP and skipping rehearsals as a result, and yes, rehearsals are important and we’re running out of time, but I guess those in charge fail to notice that the production isn’t the only thing we have going for us (unlike them, who have much on the stake for this). Not blaming anyone now, but most of the cast is new, and we haven’t gotten used to the rigors of theatre, or the attachment to Raffles Players that only comes with spending years in it, seeing the cast members leave and join, getting used to the English Studio as if it were your classroom.

I don’t have this attachment. I’ve only just joined, after all, and then only for the production, like a few others, so I guess the veterans are perfectly justified in scolding us for our attitudes. I just feel it’s a waste, though. I wanted to do so much more with my last year in Raffles. I wanted to join in Shakespeare 24 as well, or at least make use of the waterpolo post-season to catch up with work, and sleep. Yet rehearsals are ending at eight or nine all the time, and late sleep is inevitable, and the work must be compromised. I’ll be skipping at least a little bit of school in Week 6 as well, so the ensuing CCTs will suffer as well.

Well, nuff said. Every time I rant about something I’ll get heated and opposite reactions (and yes, not saying that I haven’t been a complete idiot in previous rants, because I have), but then I feel alive, because it’s not every time I reveal how much something means to me. It’s so tragic to have to walk around with a dull sleepy look in your eyes, pretending that nothing matters, when in truth you want to change things, you want to rule the world and love everything in it, but you’re just too damned tired to do anything about it.

What’s so good about passion fruit if it leaves nothing behind but a lingering sour taste in the mouth?


14 thoughts on “the official introspective raffles players post, by mooty

  1. ahh i want tics!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) but i need to find who i wanna go with first. eh wad day is it ah? :) are u acting? players are like damn cool. :P

  2. don’t worry. you aren’t the only one suffering. DI and 24 has had hell this week. We’ve been in school till 10 for this entire week. imagine a 9 hour RE period on wednesday. thank goodness it was over today and we’ll be cutting some slack for a while. it’ll be hell again two weeks before GLOBALS

  3. issy: Okay, tell me if you’re decided.

    jonlian: Ha, yeah. I’m actually quite happy that production’s not so far away anymore. Just work our asses out for awhile and we’ll be free on the 26th!

  4. oh hey it turns out i haf smt on that day. have u got the tics yet? if its too late to cancel, i’ll find someone else to replace me. haha good luck anw :) jiayou!

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