one man’s friend is another man’s FOUL NEMESIS AND DETRACTOR

Greg was so eager to get a flamer of his own.

Someone from the group SHOUT that represented RI in YAWP (briefly and sleepily covered by me then) read Greg’s scathing post on them. Greg is from HCI, Greg was sarcastic, Greg had a point, so one guy from SHOUT got pissed and flamed him on his blog.

I guess it’s rather mean, but that’s because I know three people from the group from Raffles Players (though they probably act better than they perform poetry, we hope). I guess people just can’t take it on the chin when their art is criticised. Art is something we can’t help, to a certain extent. We can be sciencier if we study. We can even be better at a language if we practice it everyday. Yet not everyone was born with that aptitude to reflect life well, and people hate to be reminded of why they are so lacking in it.

Besides, art is so ambiguous, so grey. While there is a certain universal standard as to what makes good art and what doesn’t, perhaps the performers felt that that was what they felt of life. Bleak, perhaps, but true.

I agree with Greg’s comment, really. Had I not been from RI I would have launched into an extensive tirade about their performance, with not-so-subtle jibes at their utter mainstream-ness, especially since inter-school flaming is all the rage these days. Yet it could have been less hurting, I suppose, and have had as good, if not better, an effect.

Being right doesn’t mean it’s easier to get your point across.

Incidentally, I really knew about the flame before Greg told me.

Me: Hey, I saw your performance at YAWP!
Mush: Really?
Me: Yeah. So, uh, what did you think of it?
Mush: … it was horrible. Oh, and you know some HCJC guy [obviously a mistake] said all sorts of horrible stuff about us on his blog?
Me: Aw, really?
Mush: Yeah! We were all so pissed off.


2 thoughts on “one man’s friend is another man’s FOUL NEMESIS AND DETRACTOR

  1. D:

    That guy took it down faster than any robot could cache it.

    So much for “whatever is posted up on the internets exist forever”

    I wanted to read it too..

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