to my bemused teacher

In a bid to better manage my time, I had come up with a timeplan for the rest of my weekends. Whole weeks have just flown by without much productivity, because I’ve been hovering between the computer and my homework. Obviously, this had to stop. When I’m doing work, I must carry it through! When I’m at the computer, I must waste time with fortitude and efficiency!

Generally, my Saturdays (assuming no commitments) would proceed thus:

  • 3 hours of sleep (having plugged in the MP3 player to a funny podcast on loop)
  • 3 hours on meals
  • 6 hours on Youtube (spending two hours each in comedy, commentary and music, never the same artist twice)
  • 3 hours reading webcomics (comedy, sappy, lighthearted, dark, I must read them all)
  • 4 hours updating Bob and TIm and coming up with merchandise
  • 3 hours updating the blog
  • 2 hours brushing up on my L33t (my use of modal verbs and conjunctions are especially w34kz0r)
  • 1 hour doing homework

It was a perfect plan in every way. I would maximise my potential AND attain goals with ease! I roared with triumph and delight.

…And that was when I realised that I didn’t have 25 hours in a day, and something had to go.

That is why, sir, I could not hand in my math assignment on time. W0u1d 4ppr3c1473 1f j00 und3r574nd, y34h?


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