you guys wanted more.

I wanted to post a substantiated rant on ACSI boys, but then a fanboy went all,

Yeah! Forget that stuff; give us more Bob and Tim!

, which made me cry and realise the futility of my life. Bob and Tim is MY LIFE, despite having been invented a few days ago. The fanmail has been streaming in since then. “So are they both… gay?” “Bob (or was it Tim?) had such nice lips!” “So sweet… I felt your soul in the picture. It was moist and warm and totally icky.” “u sux n bob sux n tim sux n i tink ony acsi rox n dun critcise mi speellng or smth”, among other heated comments.

So here’s a follow-up! Another still image of the dynamic duo (dynamic being the quintessential adjective for duos). This time it was more… abstract, yet more heartwarming. It tells a simple tale of loneliness and recognition. And anti-conformism. And it is, uh, ironic as well. I was thinking of a title for it, and finally came up with one that I thought would encapsulate everything rather nicely.

Behold, Tim Standing On The Side Of Bob’s Head.

Sorry if anyone was overly affected by this picture. It was just what I was THINKING of at that moment. The futility, the hopelessness, and the loneliness. All were portrayed in this picture.

My personal favourite so far.

How’s this: We are now the official authority on Bob and Tim! A quick search of WordPress revealed that we were indeed the featured blog when it came to Bob and Tim related articles. Thanks for all those who voted for Slowbeatofdoom, and continue to support our website!


4 thoughts on “you guys wanted more.

  1. Oh…My…

    Truly amazing. A splendid rendition of lost love, hope, destiny, betrayal, kindness, beauty, and defiance of societal restrictions (not to mention the laws of gravity). Heartwarming yet morose. Bleak and unadorned, yet thoughtful, and layered with nuance.

    A masterpiece.

  2. This is horrible.

    What happened to Bob’s lips? (Unlike the loser in that fanmail, I actually DO remember who had the nice lips.)

    (Actually I just went back and checked)

  3. One day, Bob said, “Take off your shirt, Tim!” and Tim said, “Take off your shirt, Bob!” and they both complied with the other. And then Tim said, “Lose the hair, Bob!” and Bob lost the hair, and Tim again said, “Drop those lips, Bob!” and Bob dropped those lips. And then Bob said, “Stand on the side of my head, Tim!” and Tim stood on the side of Bob’s head. And that is the story behind my masterpiece.

    I mean, my superb skills of story continuity never fails to amaze you, right? It amazes me all the time.

    And I hope this answers your question, “luminodrake” loser guy!

  4. Man, that’s deep. I never could have noticed it without your explanation.

    I shall go hang myself in shame.

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