Yesterday night was spent Internet-less; the router’s to blame, just like countless times before. I had intended to do up the e-learning lessons last night, but COULD NOT. So now many quizzes have expired and I can’t access them, and thusly will almost definitely get zeroes for all of them. Hoorah for the constant advance of technology! Soon our lives will be connected to the Internet, and one day my router will collapse again and I’ll just froth at the mouth and die instantly.

Also, post a comment if you’d like to purchase tickets for Army Daze – it’s on the 26th April and 27th, if I’m not wrong. The tickets aren’t out yet, but I think you’re supposed to place orders through the cast first, because there’re really really few tickets – three performances, 100 seats per performance. The place we’re performing at is seriously puny – it’ll be a totally new experience for me, definitely. Not that I’m playing a large part or anything. But you’ll get to see me in a weird costume I’ll never wear for at least two more years. It’s worth it.

(tickets are going for around $10. It’s a full-length performance!)


3 thoughts on “moomoomoomoob

  1. byap: OKAY, INTERESTING. WOW. (etc.)

    Greg: How many tickets? YES we’re cool and, uh, almost professional! The cast even gets paid and everything!

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