• prospective house-hunting? Exorcising?
  • said house is HAUNTED; can smell it in the air
  • the house owners, sitting down, appear cordial enough, but they’re hiding something, behind their newspapers
  • the stairs are lined with mattress, for some reason, and there’s no stair rail; they threaten to slip off every step, slip and fall back to the ground floor.
  • the master bedroom – two of them take this room, a male and a female – standing at a corner next to the bathroom, scanning the room for unsightly creatures (who are the unsightly creatures? WHAT are they?). The man stoops to check under the bed, the female remains at the back, backing up against the wall to get every angle. They are skilled, they’ve done this many times before –
  • the bathroom door inches open, there is a shadow – purplish, but the darkest shade. The female notices, braces herself for it. The male would care, but he’d just spotted purplish shadows under the bed, rising up to take over the room, he bends forward to lock on to the motion of these beings, he would shoot them if necessary, he had a great reaction time…
  • The female shrieks. The male turns back – the female is doubling over, her belly is expanding quicker than normal – but this isn’t anywhere near normal after all. A grin starts to form over her lips, a large grin, but an unnatural, forced one. There is now a life forming in her, not a natural sort.
  • The male panics. It was his lifetime companion, and she was being taken over by the very ones they’d been fighting for ages. He backs away from the dangerous female – who was pregnant with rage and anger, and another being of the same – and brandishes a dagger. He doesn’t want to hurt her (what is their relationship?), but he has to, or she’ll keep multiplying, be an instrument for the Dark ones. He stabs the dagger into her, time after time. Cracks form in the belly, but it does nothing that the body cannot heal instantaneously. The female continues to laugh maniacally, staring at the male. She would get rid of him, and when she tried he would be defenseless against him.
  • a senior member of the team, female, rushes into the room, having heard the noises. She knows what she’s doing. She sees the situation as it is, and inexplicably unsheathes her own enormous sword, handing it to the male. This has slain the very same Dark creatures before, there’s no reason why they couldn’t purge it now, ending its growth in a human vessel
  • the male takes the sword and plunges it into the pregnant female

…and that’s when it ended.

(also, did you know that Jekyll and Hyde was borne of a nightmare as well?)


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