baby steps / slow / twice as many prints

The senryu is a variation of the more popular haiku, except more cynical, more darkly humorous, like in this and that.

I find it a nicer form of poetry than the haiku. Who wants to talk about seasons and weather all the time, when you can laugh at people?

the nerdy boy
very popular tonight
chatbots all online

road sweeper trudged home
his wife showing off the
latest summer gems

boxer’s girlfriend
returns his ring
back to him

eye candy wife
spent too much –
sour husband

out of work
the accountant
writes play

aircon broken
fixing it
everyone sweats

I just have to submit any one of these (or more) for the NZ Poetry Society competition, and I’ll have fulfilled my EL participation requirement for the year!

Which is a rather superficial way of looking at things, I suppose. This year, I’ll be looking to enter as many competitions as I can. It isn’t so much the winning, but actually writing stuff that counts. I haven’t written in ages.


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