spirit left town

Track and Field finals were today. It was the same as every year. I kept myself entertained most of the time, walking around and keeping myself hydrated. We finished in fourth place! Awesome. The six years before we entered RI Hullett had been sweeping T&F, but we’ve been having a bit of a dry spell. If Hullett wins again next year after I leave, I’ll be really pissed, though. The implication won’t get any more obvious than that.

Also, RI has Staff Training Days (acronym-o-philes will have a field day with this) from Tuesday to Thursday. Basically the teachers go to school everyday to attend courses and endeavour to better their teaching, while we students get days off – to do e-quizzes on the Asknlearn portal.  I’ve checked the portal – it’s Monday night and the quizzes are already streaming in, one for almost every subject (two for Lit).


Staff Training Days will be an excellent time for me to run, though. I ran today, in separate brief spells, around the park. I ran on Saturday too – what I lack in the quality of training, I make up for it in sheer quantity, and then some.

I shall be running tomorrow too, and trying to finish up my homework. And the quizzes.

Also, most are afraid of making Comments, which makes me sad and inventive.

The Dalai Llama

If you want to stop me from being inventive, post a comment soon. Or face my wrath. In the form of more provocative images. Like Muhammad riding a Dalai Llama into town.

*gets shot*


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