so you think you’re sixteen, eh

We celebrated Jon’s, Shoujian’s, Kieran’s birthdays today. March babies!

(MARCH babies! Eight more months! Awful. Also, no one will EVER celebrate my birthday in the canteen for me on a schoolday, no one will sing me the birthday song and cut me cake in school, because I WAS BORN THAT WAY.)

Shoujian felt the slippers were too expensive. It’s okay guys, I don’t mind expensive presents! I left my guilt and sense of propriety at home! iPod Nano, gogogo!

Tomorrow is Community Day – it’s been horrible planning for it, though I haven’t exactly been keeping on top of things. Today YH, Brent and I just spent a few hours fretting about it, talking to Mrs D’cruz and going down to the School for the Visually Handicapped to recce. I hope everything will turn out alright tomorrow, and then I can finally focus on work and all. I’m not listening in class anymore – it’s so easy to switch off, and scribble stuff and fold paper into 64 equal parts and think of evil things to say to people.


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