of hair and wisecracks

I was really hyperactive in class today, for sporadic periods of time. It was unbearable – but so was I.

Mr Vijay: And then, when you add these two simultaneous equations together, what do you get?
Me: Confused?

Which is just the thing I would normally have thrown around in my head a little, except today I actually said everything in my head. Not good.

Also, someone please buy me a cap.

(I had a haircut today. I was slated for one of the horrible school barber’s $5 haircuts, but then it got cancelled in an awesome stroke of luck. So after Players I had a $10 haircut at Junction8.

It was ugly. But THAT IS NOT THE POINT.)

You know, I may have told some of you about how the main characters of the Players production had to shave their heads bald.

I thought that it was ONLY for the main characters.

But evidently, I thought wrong.

Uh, well, buy me a cap, pretty please?

(And honestly, things are not going well. Even with a full head of hair, people already call me a freak. I am still trapped in the infamous Holiday Mood. I go bipolar in lessons. What now?)


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