to the saddest people

I know many a sad person today. We’re all sad these days, ‘cept some all sadder than others, and others are the saddest of all.

What can I say? I’ve never been good at consoling, especially since I’m not going to direct this post to anyone in particular, so no one feels loved or cared for or whatever. Also, my opinion never did matter, because everyone would just think I was being flatulent or drunk again.

There is, however, a thought about the saddest people. It is nothing consolation can relieve, so I don’t even try. That does not make me a bad friend, merely a cynical one. I was never one for consolation. There was nothing as bluntly stupid as a “Cheer up, what’s so hard about being happy?”.

Yet time will heal all wounds. I guess there’s nothing for it. Feel pain. Cry when nobody’s watching. If it’s any comfort to you, being Sad is better than being Dead, feeling Everything is better than feeling Nothing.

Also, if you’re Dead there’s no turning back. Don’t go that way. You may have lost a very dear friend, but you’re still ours.


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